10 reasons you should keep wild swimming throughout the winter

October 10, 2023
5 min read

Taking the plunge into icy cold waters may not sound immediately appealing to many. However, the growing trend of cold water wild swimming is becoming increasingly popular, especially in picturesque yet safe locations such as our Divers Cove in the heart of Surrey.

For those interested in trying open water winter swimming, we’d strongly encourage going to a dedicated venue such as ours to ensure safe swimming. Cold water swimming, whilst exhilarating and fantastic for wellness, can be dangerous without proper preparation and knowledge of the cold water. Open year-round, all of our swim sessions are operated by fully trained open water lifeguards, and we have clearly marked swim routes so that you can enjoy your wild swim safely.
So, if you’re thinking about taking the plunge and joining us throughout our winter season, read on to find out more about the remarkable benefits of wild swimming, particularly during the winter!

1. A Natural High: The Power of Cold Water

Immersing yourself in cold water triggers the release of endorphins, which are often known as 'feel-good' hormones. This instant reaction can lead to an exhilarating sense of natural euphoria and boosted dopamine levels, and who doesn’t want to feel great after their swim session?!

2. Stress Buster: The Calming Effect of Wild Swimming

Stress is an almost inevitable part of modern life. However, the physical stress of plunging into cold water can have a surprisingly calming effect as it activates your mind’s “fight or flight” mechanism. 

Regular cold-water swimming can help condition your body to better handle both physical and mental stress, promoting overall mental health. Moreover, the parasympathetic nervous system, which plays a crucial role in managing stress, gets stimulated through cold water immersion.

3. Boost Your Fitness: Burn Calories and Enhance Fitness Levels

Swimming in cold water is not just about the thrill; it's a full-body workout too. The effort your body makes to keep you warm in cold water increases your heart rate and metabolism, thereby burning more calories than swimming in warmer water. 

Plus, if you fancy warming up after your icy dip, why not treat yourself to a sauna session in our warming, handcrafted wooden sauna pods? Located conveniently next to our lake, these are ideal for those keen to try contrast therapy, the Finnish method of combining hot sauna sessions with cold exposure. 

4. Improved Circulation: The Cold Water Therapy

Cold water swimming can help improve your body's blood circulation. When your body is exposed to cold temperatures, blood rushes to the surface, flushing your veins, arteries, and capillaries. This reaction can enhance your body's overall circulation over time, contributing to better cardiovascular health. 

Many people find that this, along with getting fit whilst swimming is a great way to keep your heart happy and healthy - making wild swimming a great workout!

5. Boost to the Immune System: Cold Water Swimmers Rarely Get Sick

Did you know that regular cold water swimming can help boost your immune system? Whilst dipping in cold water may seem counterproductive for keeping illnesses at bay, this isn’t the case - regular cold water therapy can boost your immune system. For those who don’t fancy taking the plunge, alternating hot and cold showers can even help to reduce sick days. 

6. Natural Pain Relief: Cold Water as natural Pain Relief

Open water swimming is not only a great way to stay fit, but also a holistic approach to pain management. The principle behind this is cold water therapy, a time-tested method used by celebrities such as motivational speaker Wim Hof and athletes worldwide. When you immerse yourself into the chilling embrace of an open water body, your body responds by boosting blood circulation, which can help reduce inflammation and ease muscle pain. Next time you're in need of some natural pain relief, why not consider taking the plunge? Cold water swimming might just be the answer you're looking for!

7. Cold Water Swimming and Mental Health

The cold water immersion stimulates the production of the 'happiness hormone' serotonin, providing a natural antidote to depression and anxiety. With mental health issues on the rise, wild swimming offers a natural, holistic approach to managing mental wellbeing.

8. Improved Skin and Hair Health

Cold water swimming can have a beneficial impact on your skin and hair health. The increased blood circulation from cold water immersion can nourish your skin and hair cells, promoting their health and vitality.

Combining your cold water swim with time in a sauna can help to tighten the skin, clear your pores and naturally detox.

9. Enhancement of Libido and Fertility

Contrary to the belief that cold water suppresses sexual urges, it can actually help to increase your libido. Cold water immersion boosts the production of testosterone and oestrogen, potentially enhancing fertility and libido.

10. An Adventure in the Heart of Surrey: Wild Swimming at Divers Cove

If the health benefits haven't convinced you yet, the sheer beauty of Divers Cove in Godstone, Surrey, certainly will. Our stunning lake offers an idyllic setting for wild swimming, making the experience not just beneficial but also immensely enjoyable. 

Our lake's tranquil waters are inviting, and the surrounding natural beauty makes each swim a unique adventure - especially as the seasons change. Whether you’re surrounded by autumn leaves, looking up at a clear blue sky or seeing the first ducklings in spring, there’s always something different to spot on your wild swim with us. 

Whether you're a seasoned swimmer or a novice, wild swimming at Divers Cove is a great way to stay fit, enjoy nature, and experience the many benefits of cold water swimming. So, why wait? Take the plunge this winter and dive into the invigorating world of wild swimming in the heart of Surrey.

Please note that while the benefits of cold water swimming are numerous, it's essential to take safety precautions. Always swim with a buddy, know your limits, and ensure you have warm clothing for after your swim. Head over to our winter swimming page to find out more about safe swimming during the colder months. 

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