How can I take care of my skin when freshwater swimming?…

May 4, 2023
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It is proven that we can turn back the clock and slow the ageing process if we keep fit, sleep well, keep stress levels down and eat the right things. Sounds easy right?…

Hmmm, I am not so sure and that’s why it’s important to get into healthy habits, which also includes using the right products on our skin.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body; if we look after it, it will look after us.

It needs the exact same TLC that our body and mind do. It’s all connected and easier to implement than you might think.

How does cold water swimming impact my skin?

There are many pluses. Cold water swimming doesn’t only reduce stress and release those relaxed and feel-good hormones (as so wonderfully demonstrated by this little guy below), it tones countless muscles in the body and helps to shrink and refine the pores of our skin too.

Freshwater swimming helps reduce the risk of build-up of dirt in the skin, lessening the chances of breakouts and those pesky crater-sized pores!

Like our bodies, our skin is also dependent on hydration, good nutrition and healthy circulation.

Healthy blood flow also promotes collagen production and improves the overall appearance of our skin. The better our circulation, the more nutrients our skin receives, and the deeper our topical skincare products penetrate into the skin.

This is why applying products after swimming and saunas is extra beneficial.

One last consideration is water naturally has a higher pH. (normally between 7-9) than our skin (circa 5.5). So our skin can become dry and easily dehydrated if we don’t neutralise this and bring the skin back into balance.

Using a natural wash and rehydrating after lake dips, swimming and saunas is a must and we have just the thing.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts…

Make no mistake, beauty is skin deep and it’s how we shine from the inside out that turns heads and warms hearts.

When it comes to skincare, the recipe means everything. It’s like a bottled personality. The quality of extracts is vital. We need each ingredient to have a therapeutic purpose in order for a product to truly deliver results.

Active ingredients are extracts that work on a cellular level. Ingredients that deliver results and give you visible and therapeutic

You may have seen the locally handmade Freer Skincare in the office here.

The Frankincense & Immortelle Repair Serum has already helped a lot of our swimmers and was originally made a few years ago for her 96 year old
Grandad needs both hips and knees replaced but cannot due to his age.

Louise’s products not only smell wonderful, but they contain ingredients that help to reduce pain, and inflammation as well as rejuvenating and smooth even sensitive skin. Perfect for applying after your swims and saunas.

These days there really is so much choice it’s almost impossible to decide sometimes. Whether it be the food we choose or what moisturiser to try, it’s reassuring to have natural products on site that are being enjoyed by so many of us already.

Just like Amelia’s cakes; we all have a favourite one.. or maybe five come to think of it. Luckily, we don’t need to use 5 daily products (thank goodness).

An easy regime will do just fine…

Cleanse repair and hydrate – that’s the bare bones of it…

Even just implementing one into your routine will have a positive impact.

So when is the best time to apply products if I am swimming?

Applying natural products to our skin after cold water exposure is a game-changer. If we can extend our self-care routine to slathering on a lovely hydrator or serum, we are all set to slowing the ageing process and have healthier skin.

In order for the active ingredients to work effectively, we must provide the best environment for absorption. Using natural products after cold water swimming will only intensify the benefits, keeping your skin happier and healthier for longer.

Using a natural face wash or cleanser helps to dissolve impurities and rid the top layers of dead skin cells. This really is a commonly overlooked trick because even minuscule residue we can’t see or feel acts as a barrier. We do not want products to sit on the surface. Active ingredients need to absorb deeply into the skin if we want to see and feel results.

Tip.. Always moisturise before naps and at night before bedtime..

Just like our bodies, our skin repairs and regenerates whilst we sleep. We also lose a lot of moisture in our skin and we don’t want to be up all night after having too many glasses of water!

Applying a good moisturiser before sleeping helps to prevent what’s called Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). This ensures the deeper and outer layers of our skin are kept hydrated and creates the optimal environment for the skin to repair. Result – with daily use, your skin is smoother, healthier, better hydrated, and this helps us to “grow younger” even more gracefully ;-) 

All these products are available from us at Dive Cove in the office along with testers to try too. Enjoy.

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